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Welcome to A-Line Manufacturing. We manufacture and sell our patented line of precision shaft alignment tools. A-Line is the Industry Standard for chemical plants, water treatment plants, pipeline companies, and other industries. 1,000's are in use every day by millwrights and maintenance technicians.

A-Line Manufacturing Tools

A-Line Manufacturing was founded by Richard Massey in 1983 and continues to provide reliable, accurate, and affordable alignment tools. Our success spans nearly four decades. 


Our back-to-basics approach, reverse indicator alignment procedure, allows the mechanic to observe the coupled shafts in the form of centerlines. Using our proven alignment tool and our software, the mechanic receives a visual picture of how the shafts are positioned and what it will take to move them into proper alignment. It is a technique that is easy to learn and quick to use. All our kits come complete with instructions!


An economical alternative to more complex alignment systems with less maintenance and upkeep, accurate results are achieved without annual calibrations, software subscriptions, or dead batteries. Simple to use and easy to master by any mechanic. A-Line tools are built to last! 


A-Line customers benefit by having a historically reliable, accurate, and affordable alignment tool that provides years of service and will increase the operational lifespan of your rotating machinery. 


Thank You for considering A-Line Manufacturing for your precision shaft alignment needs!

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